Luxury Companion with a Spicy Sense of Humor


How do you get and sincerity from these little provider blubs? More often then not I'm guessing you don't. Well I am a sincere person and I'm here to tell your bit about who I am without all the frills and grammatical acrobatics that I've seen on other provider sights. Consider this the "T-shirt and jeans" of introductions.

I'm the girl next door, basically. Or maybe the girl down the block. The one you always wanted to ask on a date but never had the courage. I am an all american girl from a town full of white picket fences. I am the always smiling prom queen type (literally, I was the prom queen) with a deep appreciation for comedic banter and satire.

What else? I went to college. I have a degree, but chose to peruse my various passions instead of sitting behind a desk til I die. I'm enthralled with art, writing, yoga, music, circus acrobatics, modeling, acting and trying my hand at a stand up comedy career. Why do one thing when you can do it all?! I am an incredibly passionate person and believe that life is about laughter and joy and I love to spread it in every way possible.  There's nothing I won't make fun of and nothing in my life I don't find joy in.  I am a free spirit and I love embracing my body and exploring new relationships. 

You might be thinking to yourself, "well thats all well and good, but what has that got to do with me?" Settle down smart guy, I'm getting there.

So, why should you see me when there are so many excellent providers out there? This is the part I have trouble writing without sounding over-abundantly vein (I assure you, I am only the regular amount of vein) but I will tell you:

- Reviews; I have not had an unflattering review in 5 years. I believe that is because not a single day of this has felt like work.
- I'm wicked smart, college educated and can conduct really great conversation. Above this, I am funny and I make people smile. This is more important that you think. I believe you have to have a sense of humor to really connect with someone.
- I have very above average looks (I re-wrote this five times trying not to sound vein but it's the truth so I just went with my original wording) I include this information because you can't see the faces of most of the providers you see, but I am a print model, and I get a lot of work doing so because the good lord gave me a really gosh darn pretty face and a body to match. I'm in the best shape of my life, I do yoga every day, ride my bike everywhere and I love to ski, and get in to almost anything active. I am a genuinely jovial person and proud of the skin I am in. 
- My boobs are real! (shut the front door) No. I'm serious. I have no idea how I got so lucky but I'm a size 6 with DD cups, completely naturally.
- My pictures are real and recent. To be candid, I try to avoid Bullshit, so there's no "bait and switch" and no, "holy sh*t you're about ten years older then I thought you'd be!" I'm not interested in fooling you, and my intentions are never dubious. I should mention, however, that I do have large tattoos that I have edited out of my photos to protect my identity. If you do not like tattoos, I think it would be best to find a different provider. 
- I don't smoke, I don't particularly mind if you do, but I figure if you want a girl that tastes like an ashtray, you can go elsewhere.
- Lastly, with me, it's all about you! I understand what it takes to make a fantasy become reality and give a truly unforgettable experience that is tailored to YOU.

Basically, I'm not like any other elite companion out there. 

Read my tumblr blog and follow me on Twitter to get to know a little more about me, and I hope our paths cross soon!


twitter: @savannahrainxxx