Luxury Companion with a Spicy Sense of Humor


Before we meet:

You must expect to be screened thoroughly. Please give me all of the information I will need up front. This process takes time and may include employment verification. This is done with the utmost respect to your privacy but it is paramount that I feel safe. Please be forthcoming with everything I ask and we can begin our relationship of mutual trust. 

I do do not offer PSE And I no longer take outfit requests. Please let me know if you like dressy or casual, and may but ultimately my appearance is going to be up to me. I mention these two things because it is uncommon and I want you to be fully aware of it. 

If you must cancel last minute and I have already booked a room, it is expected that you will pay the cost of the room. You can do this by simply buying a visa gift card for the amount of the room. If you do not wish to do me this courtesy you will not be invited to see me again and will not be given a good reference.

Understand that I never discuss intimacy with finance in the same breath; in person or in email. Rather, you will be referred to my web site to locate gift amounts. Review this on your own and after you are screened we can discuss any intimacy requests, clothing requests, ect. 

At our meeting:

Please leave your gift discreetly on the bureau or in the bathroom at the beginning of our date. I should not have to ask you for it as I very much dislike having a date feel in any way transactional.

Other gifts are welcome but not expected, please visit my wish list for gift ideas as it certainly is a classy touch! A woman loves both being surprised and being spoiled.

Immaculate hygiene is important to me. I put time and care into my appearance and cleanliness and the same is expected in return. Please shower and brush your teeth or be expected to do so upon arrival or when we return from dinner. If you have any requests (maybe you prefer a woman with no perfume, maybe you prefer a lot of perfume) please do not hesitate to ask. 

This partains to very few people, but is worth mentioning: As an active member of my community, I check and report to all blacklisting sites. I seldom have to, but If you are harassing, inappropriate or Otherwise disreputable, you be commanded to leave and vigorously reported. If you intend to misbehave, you have chosen the wrong dame. 

That being said, I don't want to come across as a ball buster, I'm actually quite sensitive and non-intimidating in real life. If you are uncomfortable or nervous for any reason, please just communicate that with me. I think it's important to keep an honest dialogue since neither of us are mind readers. I promise, you will not be chastised for your feelings... Whatever they may be.  Remember, this is about YOU. It works a lot better if you tell me what you think and what you want. 

Our time together is just you and me in the flesh so I do not offer Audio or video recordings and I do not offer private photo shoots. 

I offer no-rush sessions so both of us can be more relaxed. If we go a little over, I won't be upset, but try to be mindful of the time and don't take advantage of my laid back attitude.

After our meeting:

Honest reviews are welcome but not expected on your preferred online forum. I also encourage you to keep in touch and I am happy to provide a good reference for all guests in my favor.