Luxury Companion with a Spicy Sense of Humor


::Announcement:: I am making the move to very part time so I can focus on some other life projects. I am very willing to accommodate but please plan ahead!

Yay! If you've made it to this page then let me tell you how flattered I am that you're thinking about spending time with me. Let me know if you have any questions.

A few quick things:

my form asks for a phone number. I WILL NEVER CALL OR TEXT YOU WITHOUT EXPRESSED PERMISSION, so worry not..... And please do include it. 

Please include all of your screening Information in your FIRST email. I accept TER white list, p411, rs2k, date-check screening services or two established provider references. 

If you do not have any references or are not signed up for a screening service, I apologize, but I can not make date with you. 

IF YOU ARE A NEWBIE.... sign up for a rs2k membership at and/or a membership at 

With my performance and art-creating schedule, I longer have time to screen anyone through their place of employment when they don't have any references. It simply absorbs too much time and I won't do it anymore. To be curt (as is my modus operandi)... If a roomservice2000 membership is too expensive or too 'involved' or requires too much information for your liking... Then I super definitely don't want to see you anyway. 

So to recap (for those of you who are only skimming) Either have references, and/or be apart of a screening service... Or go elsewhere. And include all that info in your first email. Simple. 

Sorry to scold.... It's only meant to weed out those frustrating emails that say simply "deeeerp... hey babe, love the photos... When are you free" with no other information and then they never reply with any valuable REQUIRED information.

Don't be that guy.

::end rant::

For those of you who play by all the rules, I sincerely look forward to cultivating mind blowing experiences that blossom into lasting friendships.